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You may not have heard any of David E Beats material yet, but no doubt many will know the name soon. David E Beats carries a very unique influence in his music, combining Hip Hop with a very Electronica type of sound. These blends of sounds gives his music a very refreshing twist, and indeed I have become a great fan of his lead single “Over Here” (which you can listen to right here).

The opportunity came around for me to touch base with David E and ask him some questions. I would like to give a huge thank you to Olivia Dikambi for making it happen.


So David, for those who haven’t heard of you yet. Please tell us a little bit about

I’ve always been a misfit, in some ways. I play guitar, produce and rap and my music is a mix
of many different styles. I dropped out of college to move to New York City to pursue my dreams
of being a superstar.

You say Jay Z’s Blueprint is the album that inspired you to get into rap.
What was it about that album that touched you?

The reason that album inspires me so much is because it was the first musical Hip-Hop album I heard.
The production on that record was so lush and different from anything I’ve ever heard, and Jay’s rhymes
were impeccable.

Tell us a little more about your music, because I feel it is a very refreshing sound.

David E Beats is an eclectic blend of Rock, Hip Hop, and Electronica. I blend sounds together
in a unique and totally organic manner, while keeping the essence that is David E Beats. Expect
unpredictability, strong instrumentals, and out of control guitar riffs.

What exactly was it that pushed you to learn the guitar?

The guitar situation happened because I was looking for an instrument to pick up and my friend said
the girls would love me if I could play guitar. So the next day I went to buy my first acoustic guitar
and it sat around for a year. When I moved to New York I took it with me and just started learning
because I had nothing else better to do! I am glad I did!

As a producer, how would you explain your sound?

My beats are very heavy drum wise, and lush instrumentally. I pride myself on having a very big sound
in all my instrumentals. I like beats that create and release tension in the right way, I think
too many Hip Hop beats are static so I opt for the opposite.

Would you say you go for originality in production more, as opposed to

I learned how to do both, sampling gives you a more vintage sound while composing is for more
standard tracks in my opinion. Even if compressed to be vintage, it never really sounds like
the instrumentals ripped from vinyl. I do practice both techniques however.

Your music sounds very original, and it sets you aside from a lot of artists.
Do you see this as something that can hold you back a little?

Being different is always difficult, it is the reason I am a misfit in almost anything that I do.
Alot of artists claim to be individuals, but I think every generation makes the same style of music
as others in their group. Right now its the whole hipster movement, but I feel like the key is to
do whatever it is that you like and personalize your sound but broaden your appeal.

Explain to the readers the message behind the song Over Here, because I am really loving this track.

Over Here, which is available on iTunes, is about making it and finally feeling where it is I need to be.
In the hook, I used a metaphor of a fighter pilot, “I made it to my mission/staying fly up in my cockpit/
doing tricks with no permission”. The meaning is to do what it is you want to do and dont worry about
the reprocussions because we all live once, and life is for the taking. “They telling me to stop/I tell them/
I DONT CARE”, The naysayers will always want you to stop you while you are in flight, soaring high
to your potential, but they must be ignored. This is a very dear song to me as it signifies a change
in my life.

Which artists have you had the pleasure of working with up to this point?

A few local acts but none of note so far.

Could you explain how the vibe is when you get in the studio? Is it more or
less exciting as being on stage and actually performing the music?

I love being on stage because I can show myself better than a record can. I can dance, jump, really
give the crowd all I’ve got, as opposed to recording, where you are focused on getting the best takes.
I do love the vibe of the recording studio, however, I think the stage is more fit for me.

What upcoming projects are you currently working on?

I am working on a few tracks and putting together an EP called EXIT, which will comprise my strongest
songs. I am then going to work on using these songs to secure a record deal.

In this day, the music industry is tough, with artists not selling much and
labels not investing as heavy. How do you deal with the development stages of your career?

Its all a learning experience, the development. I feel like, everyday, I am becoming more “Ready”
for the big time. Talking with true professionals and industry veterans has showed me what they look
for in an artist and its simplier than one might think to get signed nowadays.

What would you say is your greatest achievement up to this point?

My greatest achievement so far was to become HHDX Next and perform all over New York City in the short
amout of time I have been here. But I have new goals now, and I am preparing myself for the bigtime!

Thanks for the interview man, do you have any words for the readers. Or any
shout outs?

Shouts to Olivia Dikambi of I AM PR Agency and myself, David E Beats!

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