The Koalition Interviews Murda Mook

The battle rap scene is one area of the hip hop culture that has been overlooked for some time. Many feel like battle rappers cannot make good music. There have been many battle rappers to shine over the past decade, such as Jin, The Saurus, and Iron Solomon. However, there is one ace in the hole from Harlem that is arguably the top dog in the scene right now. Murda Mook made a name for himself on the Smack DVD scene with his constant wit and punchlines. Recently (at the time of this interview) he signed with Ruff Ryders, pushing the battles to the side, to possibly show once and for all that battle rappers are not to be slept on when it comes to music.

I recently had the opportunity to ask Mook some questions, so read on to see what’s good with Mook right now.



So Mook, you made a name for yourself tearing cats up on the battle scene, and now you’ve dropped some mixtapes. What is your focus right now, and have you left the battle scene for good?

Well I wouldn’t say I completely left the battle scene but I’m just on a leave. As u may or may not know I just signed to Ruff Ryders so now its not about battling. Everyone knows I’m the best at that. Now I have to show my record making abilities are just as good as my battling. But if the right amount of money came about there is no reason I wouldn’t do another battle.

How do you feel about this new breed of battle rappers that are out, such as Arsenal and Tech 9?

There are a select few I really like. But its hard for me to respect the rest because they don’t seem original. When I look at them I see an imitation of me to an extent. I like the ones that come with their own style. But overall I love watching good battles.

You were at the Math Hoffa vs T-Rex battle, what were your thoughts on that particular battle?

I thought Rex won 2 to 1. Though math won the last round. But overall it was a great battle. What made it even better was the anticipation behind it. They really sold that battle. Rex is an animal though! Every time I hear him I look in awe. I don’t think people understand what he says in his rhymes.

What would you say was your best battle?

The Best battle was Loaded Lux hands down. The best battle in history! Say what u want.

Murda Mook Vs Loaded Lux (Original battle).

What exactly wins battles in your opinion?

This is a question that a lot of people have different opinions on. I believe the consensus says that lyrics, delivery, swag, and cadence wins. Also you have to control the crowd. Once you have crowd control you pretty much control the battle. There are secrets to doing this, but I’m not going to give them out (laughs).

How do you feel about the state of Hip Hop right now?

I mean I feel its watered down now. Everybody raps these days. And what’s sad is that now u don’t even have to be good at it. I’m like how the fuck can u call yourself a rapper and not be good at it? It just bewilders me. Album sales are down as well. But I feel I’m special so I just work hard and let god handle the rest.

Which artists inspire you to create good music right now?

all the good ones!

Now that you have a deal you seem to be on the right track. So what would you say to those people who feel like battle rappers can’t make good music?

Jay Z, Nas, DMX, Biggie, Busta Rhymes, Big L, LL Cool J, Fabolous, Jadakiss and Eminem. Enough said! They all battled before blowing up in the mainstream.

Thats very true, they all battled. And I don’t mean just on wax either. DMX and Jay Z battled each other before they both blew up.

Moving on, we at The Koalition pride ourselves on combining gaming with the Hip Hop culture. So I have to ask. What video games have you been playing recently, if any at all?

Oh I fuck with Call of Duty, NBA 2k 10, Madden 10, Uncharted and Fight Night!

What’s your favorite video game of all time?

The best video game I think of all time was Metal Gear Solid for Playstation 1!

Oh your a Metal Gear Solid fan? That’s whats up! If you could do a soundtrack for any game what would it be?

If I could do a soundtrack for any game it would be Call of Duty definitely.

Murda Mook Vs Serius Jones.

Can the fans expect any new Murda Mook material in 2010?

I got a mixtape out called Misunderstood. It’s on I got numerous videos out. I’m working on my album right now. Also the Ruff Ryder compilation album is coming out soon. I have the single off that. I’m just working. You will hear a lot of me!

What would be the cost to get Mook in another battle?

High, at least 5 figures!

Thanks a lot for the interview Mook, we appreciate it. If you have any shout outs or final words feel free to let it all out right here.

I Want to shout out the whole Dot Mobb. Nymesis, T-Rex, Den 10, Dutch Brown, CEO Dolla. The whole Ruff Ryders, Blackface ent, S Franchize and Money Ave! Hit me on


For those who want to hear more from Murda Mook, you can download his mixtape Misunderstood from Datpiff here.