The Last Story Possible Characters Revealed and Concept Art

Thursday has come and gone which means The Last Story development blog has been up dated. This week we were introduced to what could be the first two characters of the game as well as a description of Ruli.

The Star Viewing Tower is described as a place where the people of Ruli go to look up at the stars. The scene between the male and female characters takes place on the Star Viewing Tower in the middle of a meteor shower when they are talking about each others dreams. For some reason the meteor shower reminds the characters of the past and bad memories maybe the shower reminds them of a war as the blog states that they both survived a battle, and both of them lost their parents.

The female character is humming a tune which passed down in her family through ancient times, but she forgot the words for unknown reasons to us. During the meteor shower at the Star Viewing Tower the director says “their hearts touch for a moment” sensing the loneliness in the other. Hironobu Sakaguchi presumably the producer says that  each person has a place where strong feelings are present for ‘her’ the Star Viewing Tower is a very important place. The characters described in the blog are presumably the ones depicted in the concept art below.

Another blog post from this week describes the city of Ruli and some locations. A castle courtyard is described as brimming with water and a cave which (i think on the grounds) contains a waterfall. Inside the city there is a large river where the director writes “heroes take to the ocean”. The producer states in his part of the blog that having a sewerage today is essential, but Ruli will not instead the water fill flow through the city until it disappears into the ocean.  To visit the world or go on an adventure a ship is needed so it looks like means of world transportation will be done by ship. This is supported when the blog ends with “Ride in a fantasy world a very important tool to thrill the heart”.

Part of this blog that describes the town and how significant water is to it the director stresses the importance of sound to fulfil their desired effect. The Last Story seems like it is going to be another excellent game by Mistwalker as they realise that even though you can make the water look good graphically it is nothing without the right sound combination. Mistwalker  have promised to cover the sound carefully to push the picture they want to make Ruli look alive which many games fail to do. In the words of the director ” ‘water’ and ‘sound’ while supporting roles, but name actors”

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