“Versus” Is now Open Game! Sign up!

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The debate series that sent Ruthless Kid into a forced retirement is now opening up for new contestants. Become a Versus warrior today just leave a comment with certain topics you would like to see discussed and if you want to participate let us know in the comments as well (use a valid email when commenting). We will email you with further information this week. Each battle will now include a poll and topics will spawn from video games and hip hop. Each show will have one specific topic to debate on. So if you want to call someone out this is the platform for it. Think of this as the Grindtime for gaming and hiphop topics.

Confirmed debaters

Swiff Epics
Kool Kap
Ruthless Kid (not really retired, should be)
Big Freezy
F. Mills

Will be edited with more names as they come.

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