Batman: Arkham City Impressions – The Dark Knight Surprises

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2009’s Arkham Asylum is a truly amazing game but now that astronomical expectations have been set The Dark Knight certainly has a lot to live up to. Thankfully, Arkham City is shaping up phenomenally well and since I’ve had a chance to play it I’m having a hard time containing my excitement!

In the brief demo show at EGXP I was able to kick ass as both Batman and Catwoman in one of the most satisfying and fluid combat systems I’ve ever encountered. If you’ve played Arkham Ayslum then you’ll feel right at home in Joker’s makeshift city. The game looks and feels the same as before but on a much grander scale. Now that you’re no longer confined inside the asylum you’ll find yourself grappling to the top of buildings and gliding through the city before dropping down on to an unsuspecting thug to wipe out on him and his posse.

I was initially worried about Catwoman’s role in the game but after a few minutes playing as, and seeing her in action, I’m officially sold on the sexy feline. Her slim, athletic physique allows her to zip around the screen, taking down enemies way quicker than Batman ever could. I’m not sure how often you’ll get to play as her throughout the course of the game but I’m eager to find out. As Bats I used my “detective vision” to rescue a group of hospital workers who were being held hostage and traced the trajectory of a bullet to find the source of the shot. Hopefully I’ll be conducting more taxing investigations later on the game, after all Bruce Wayne is a genius!

The games story promises to satisfy comic fans thanks in part to the introduction of classic characters such as Two-Face, Catwoman, Robin, Penguin and Dr. Strange. The return of The Joker and a redesigned Harley Quinn just sweetens the pot. At this point, Batman: Arkham City is a definite Game of the Year contender and is likely to become one of the best licensed videogames of all time. October 18th can’t come soon enough!

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