Halo CE: Anniversary Edition Kinect Features

The game that spear headed console shooters to the forefront of the gaming landscape is back: Halo: Combat Evolved! Master Chief’s first journey is being reinvisioned this fall for longtime fans, and noobs alike. The game will sport a major HD upgrade (as well as the ability to revert back to the classic look) and even the ability to crank the game up to 3D with stereoscopic 3D support, if you have a fancy enough TV. Finally, details on the game’s Kinect functionality have finally surfaced, and there will be two main features.

First, the game will feature voice interaction. This will probably function similarly to what we have seen from the Mass Effect 3 demonstrations, and will no doubt add an extra layer of interactivity. Some of the specific actions include throwing grenades, switching weapons, reloading, and even switching between updated and old graphics on the fly!

The second feature is a bit more unique and offers something really special for series fans. For those gamers who have Kinect, there is a special “Analyze Mode” that allows the player to scan characters, items and the environment by selecting them and saying “scan.” This will then submit the scanned object to an in-game library that can be viewed whenever, and offers additional background information into the Halo universe.

The game is being developed by 343 Industries and will drop for Xbox 360 on November 15th, along with co-op support and multiplayer in glorious HD! Leave your opinions in the comments section below!

Source: GameSpot

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