Kinect Halo Closer To Becoming A Reality

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Microsoft’s popular first-person shooter franchise may soon be adding Kinect support to it’s infrastructure. is reporting that Microsoft purchased domain rights to a new site titled on July 14th, 2010. The screenshot below is from the WHOisprofile, which stores domain registrations.

There is no official word yet on when this project would take flight, but reports have suggested that 343 industries is remastering the original Halo with added Kinect support. Bungie stated early on that there would be no Kinect compatibility with Halo: Reach. While I personally would love to see Microsoft invest in new original IPs, there is no denying that Halo will always be a certified seller. What do you guys think about this strategy? Would you pick up KinectHalo for your 360? Let us know in the comments below.


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