New Twisted Metal Multiplayer Details Emerge

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This week Sony held a press conference in California and during the event new details emerged for the multiplayer portion of the latest Twisted Metal game. This time around the game is more multiplayer focused, even though there is a story mode. Three multiplayer modes were revealed at the press conference: Deathmatch, Last Man Standing, and “Nuke.” Co-producer Chad Fox said the following about the modes.

“Nuke is more of our tactical game mode,” explained co-producer Chad Cox. “It really adds another layer to Twisted Metal Multiplayer. It’s like a twisted version of capture the flag.”

In Nuke, each team takes a turn defending a particular landmark, such as a statue. The other team is tasked with destroying it with a nuclear bomb. Some team members “man guns near the base of the statue,” while other drive around defending or attacking as the mode progresses. Players can kidnap a team member guarding the statue, and fling them into a rocket launcher which triggers the bomb. What follows, is a giant nuclear explosion, obviously.

In Last Man Standing, extra lives are shared via a pool for team members, and only allots so many deaths before each player becomes mortal. What this entails, is forcing the team to design tactics which will benefit the whole rather than “skilled individual players.” Communication and cooperation between each team member will be a must.

The multiplayer mode will be centered around four gangs: The Clowns, The Dolls, The Holy Men and The Skulls. Each gang will have a main Twisted Metal character leading it. The Clowns follow Sweet Tooth; the Holy Men follow Preacher; the Dolls follow Dollface and the Skulls follow Mr. Grim.

Chad Coz also spoke on the game featuring the first one shot kill weapon in Twisted Metal, which is a sniper rifle.

“I really like the sniper rifle. It’s our first ever one-hit-kill weapon,” he said.

The way this particular rifle works, is by forcing the payer to stay “locked on” to an opponent for an extended period of time. The longer you are locked onto an enemy, the more damage the bullet will do, and if you have them in your cross-hairs long enough, the headshot instantly eliminates your enemy.

No single player modes have been revealed yet but Cox also mentioned that users would be highly rewarded for playing online often. It seems as though this game is really centered around the online experience.

Twisted Metal will be released exclusively on the Playstation 3 October 4th 2011. Let us know what you think of these new details, will you be picking up a copy?

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