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The Co-op Episode 5 – Do Games Have An Expiration Date?

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This week I make my return to the cast along-side Anthony Frasier, Richard Bailey and our dedicated host Edward V who gets the episode number wrong on the show. We had a jam packed show this week in which a lot was discussed, and we also have a very special giveaway for you. You can win yourself the Playstation 3 version of Portal 2 (which comes with a free steam version); all you have to do is enter your name and email in the form below.

This week’s agenda:

– What we’ve been playing. (Socom, Portal 2, Gears 3 beta impressions)
– Rumor: Nintendo set to announce next home console at E3.
– Hacker Geo Hotz and Sony reach a settlement.
– Sony announces the PS3 has sold 50 million units worldwide.
– NPD’s March 2011
– Do games have an expiration debate?
– Plus more

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