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Turn Based, The RPG Podcast Episode 10: Prepare For War

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After a six month hiatus from Turn Based we were finally able to re-unite for episode 10. Join me, David Jagneaux and EddieAKQ as we speak on some of the latest topics regarding RPGs.

In this episode we did a Spotlight on Guild Wars 2 (begins at 29:00) which is set for release next week. If you know nothing of the concept of Guild Wars 2 then definitely take a listen as David Jagneaux gives a great explanation of everything this game has to offer.

Games discussed on this podcast:

Diablo III
Dragon’s Dogma
– Darksiders 2
– Mass Effect 3 (Leviathan DLC)
Champions Online
Fallen Earth
Lord of the Rings Online
– Star Wars: The Old Republic goes Free-to-Play
Guild Wars 2
– Borderlands 2
– Dishonored, check out David’s exclusive interview and impressions

If you are interested in joining me, David and EddieAKQ in our adventures of Guild Wars 2, check out our guild: Shadow of Truth!

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