5 Things to Do While Waiting for SimCity to Load

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It’s no secret that EA has been having a bad week. With issues racking up and bad news going viral, I thought I would take the time out to show the bright side of things for SimCity fans. Instead of pouting and complaining on message boards  you can take the time out to do something productive. Here are five things you can do while waiting for your precious SimCity to come back. Thank god for DRM.

You can check out our staff picks in the tabs below. If you have more suggestions let’s see them in the comments.


[tab title=”1. Clean Your Room”]

1. Clean Your Room

You can always just use this as a good time to tidy up. As a matter of fact, there were actually Amazon reviewers giving SimCity praise for helping them realize they should take a break from gaming and pick up the weeks old pizza sitting on the dresser.


[tab title=”2. Learn How To Cook”]

2. Learn How To Cook


Tim Ferris just came out with a great book titled “4 Hour Chef.” Im sure if you read this almost 700 page book, cook up a masterpiece meal, you will still have time left before you get into a single payer game of SimCity.


[tab title=”3. Take up an instrument”]

3. Take up an instrument

I always wanted to play the piano. Now, thanks to SimCity, I can begin my journey to becoming the next Mozart. I might dip into the drums as well, I’ve got more than enough time.


[tab title=”4. Write a book”]

4. Write a book


By now you have become one of the most patient people on the planet. This is a hard skill to master for some. I can probably write a book about how to master your patience and find peace from within. I think a book about the future of video game publishing and digital rights management would do better though. Agree?


[tab title=”5. Play another game”]

5. Play another game


You probably came into this tab thinking I was going to suggest video games right? Whatever happend to the days of Connect Four and Monopoly? Use this time to gather up some buddies and play the endangered species called bored board games. You may not ever get them to agree to do anything else with you again though.



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