Maxis To ‘Look Into’ Offlining SimCity

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The developer of SimCity Maxis has announced that it will ‘look into‘ offlining SimCity in order to earn back the trust of its customers, the company has tweeted.


The launch of SimCity has been plagued with server problems, the game is always online meaning that if you can’t connect to servers you can’t play the game at all, the news that they are looking into making it playable offline will not satisfy customers who bought the game day one and have hardly been able to play.

Additionally they replied to a tweet stating that the game was designed for online play meaning that making it offline only would be a long and difficult process.


This gives out quite a mixed message and it is not clear at all whether we will be getting an offline mode, why say you are looking into it if it is not possible? The whole situation has been handled very poorly and even the free game from EA will not make up for the shambles that the launch has been.

However, we will be hearing more news from them on March 18:


I guess we’ll have to wait until then for more news, but it’s not like it can get any worse for Maxis and EA. Hopefully.

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