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Music Video: Joell Ortiz – Roll Deep [Hip-Hop]

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Joell Ortiz is back on his solo ish with a brand new video for his track on the new Funkmaster Flex mixtape “Who You Mad At? Me Or Yourself?” titled “Roll Deep“.

Produced by east cost DJ Statik Selektah, “Roll Deep” is a track based around his Puerto Rican heritage and also his fellow compatriots. Statik Selektah sampled 90’s Puerto Rican rapper/DJ Frankie Cutlass from his track aptly-named “Puerto Rico” (Joell Ortiz featured on the 2006 remix of “Puerto Rico“) and he also sampled Lil’ Fame of M.O.P from their track “How About Some Hardcore

The video, produced by DPTVFilms, shows Joell Ortiz in a house with a pig – obviously a reference back to his group Slaughterhouse, who frequently use pigs for symbolism/artwork etc.

Joell Ortiz will make his solo debut on Shady Records this year with his album titled “Yaowa“. The release date is still to be confirmed.

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