Quantum Break Will ‘Push Boundaries’ Of Games and Live-Action Content

Newly announced Xbox One game Quantum Break will apparently “push boundaries” according to Microsoft’s Phil Spencer, the new Remedy title will be accompanied with a TV show, much like recent MMO Defiance.

“The team has enough momentum in that space, I thought, so it was a great opportunity to put them on stage and show something. We’ll talk more as the game evolves.”“Microsoft and Remedy are trying to push the boundaries of how people think of live action and gaming today.

“The unique capability of Remedy, I think is around storytelling, and television’s always been a great place to tell strong stories. We’ve got this interactive component … where actions in one and viewing in one, impact what people are doing in the other. That’s our creative idea.”

Remedy are fantastic at creating stories and Alan wake was a strong example of how you can mix live-action scenes with a game. This concept that Spencer mentions of watching one thing impacting the other sounds very interesting but very far-reaching, it sounds like a concept that would be amazing if it works and we’ll have to wait and see if they can pull it off.

Check out the Xbone box-art for the game below and let me know in the comments what you think about Quantum Break so far.