The Best Games of 2013: January Releases

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Now that 2012 is officially over, gamers everywhere are ready to experience 2013’s monster lineup of blockbuster titles. While January may be considered a slow month for many, highly anticipated games like DmC: Devil May Cry and Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch will be more then enough to keep everyone busy for awhile. The following list showcases the full lineup of games coming out this month along with accompanying videos and links for more info on each game. Without further ado, here are the Best Games of 2013 for the month of January.

Full Title: Anarchy Reigns
Developers: Platinum Games
Publisher: Sega
Platforms: PlayStation 3, & Xbox 360
Release Date: January 8th (North America) January 11th (Europe)

Last year, Platinum Games released an online multiplayer brawler in Japan called “Max Anarchy“. After several delays, that game is finally coming over to both North America and Europe under the title Anarchy Reigns. This beat ’em up genre stylized video game allows players to use extravagant moves to defeat adversaries across a wide range of game modes. The cast of characters features some notable fighters from the MadWorld franchise, as well as a future DLC combatant in the form of Bayonetta’s female lead. The game will also be available at most retailers for the reduced price of $29.99. If you’re a fan of the MadWorld series or fighting games in general, then you should definitely pick this up.

Full Title: DmC: Devil May Cry
Developers: Ninja Theory & QLOC (PC)
Publisher: Capcom
Platforms: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, & PC
Release Date: January 15th (North America & Europe) January 25th (PC)

Capcom’s popular Devil May Cry series receives a fresh reboot courtesy of indie game development studio Ninja Theory. DmC: Devil May Cry is expected to catapult the series to new heights by setting the game in an alternate reality with a younger Dante and smooth hack and slash gameplay mechanics. For diehard fans of the franchise, picking this game up on day one is an absolute no-brainer.



Full Title: Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch
Developers: Level-5 & Studio Ghibli
Publisher: Level-5 & Namco Bandai
Platforms: Playstation 3
Release Date: January 22nd (North America) January 25th (Europe)

Studio Ghibli and Level-5 team up to create a masterful JRPG titled Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch. With an engaging storyline and beautiful art style, Ni no Kuni is already being praised as one of the most unique, and exciting games to come out of the month of January. If this game isn’t already on your radar, then you should definitely check it out later this month.

Full Title: Strike Suit Zero
Developers: Born Ready Games
Publisher: Born Ready Games
Platforms: PC
Release Date: January 24th

After successfully raising $100,000 dollars on Kickstarter last November, Strike Suit Zero is finally completed and scheduled to release later this month. This space combat simulator has a gameplay style that is heavily inspired by Star Wars and Colony Wars, along with giving the impression of a massive world where individual battles take place throughout the galaxy. This game is also currently being developed for both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 platforms.


Full Title: Hitman: HD Trilogy
Developers: IO Interactive
Publisher: Square Enix
Platforms: PlayStation 3 & Xbox 360
Release Date: January 29th (North America) February 1st (Europe)

After launching Hitman: Absolution back in November, Square Enix decided to focus their efforts to releasing an HD Trilogy of some of the franchise’s older games. Hitman: HD Trilogy will feature remastered versions of Hitman: Contracts, Hitman 2: Silent Assassins, and Hitman: Blood Money. If you enjoyed Absolution and have a craving for more Agent 47, then do yourself a favor and pick this up on day one.


This concludes my list of the best games worth picking up this month. Will any of you guys be purchasing any of these titles? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

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