Xbox One Now Comes Bundled With A Headset

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Both the standard and special editions of the Xbox One will now come bundled with a headset, the newest reversal for Microsoft.

Originally the console was not going to come with a headset, Microsoft explained that a headset was not needed because Kinect could be used to voice chat. Obviously this was not a very popular decision, so the the reversal will come as great news to many. As well as the headset; the Xbox One comes with a 4k HDMI cable, here are the details of the cable “”The HDMI cable we’re including is an actual Category 2 HDMI cable, rated for 1080P, 3D and 4K, according to the HDMI 1.4 spec.” You can also find more info about the new controller and the Play & Charge kit here.

Here are the first few pics of the new headset, courtesy of Major Nelson himself:

This is obviously a fantastic decision, it means that people don’t have to go and buy it separately but most importantly it means that Microsoft are actually listening. They saw that people wanted a headset and they made it possible, hopefully they listen to everyone wanting an Xbox One but not a Kinect, not only would that knock $100 off the price but it would convince a lot of hardcore gamers to buy the system.

Let me know in the comments what you think about this new Microsoft reversal, are you convinced that they are actually listening? 

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