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Bayonetta 2 Release Date Announced

Nintendo have announced a U.S and European release date of October 24th for action game Bayonetta 2. The U.S announcement came via a Nintendo Direct broadcast with Platinum games Director Yusuke Hashimoto and Producer Akiko Kuroda, while a separate video revealed the simultaneous European release.

Details of the three available packages, including the European exclusive First Print Edition which contains the original Bayonetta in addition to its sequel, were also announced. The First Print Edition will be limited to just 15,300 copies, and also come with a slightly measly looking art book. The entire package will look like the  Hierarchy of Laguna, an artifact from the game.

The 30 minute video included details on the game’s multiplayer mode, referred to as Tag Climax,  in which players fight cooperatively against enemies whilst competing for high scores. The mode will also allow players to wager Halos, before play begins, with the added side effect of raising the game’s difficulty.

Added to the previously revealed Link, Peach, Daisy and Samus Nintendo cross-over costumes, was a “Star Mercenary,” outfit. The costume is cleary reminiscent of Fox McCloud, the vulpine star of the Star Fox series, complete with a pair of furry, brown ears.


Along with the announcements detailed in the video were a host of language bending phrases from  Yusuke Hashimoto including promises of “Controls that meld with your mind,” and a new genre known as the “Non-Stop Climax Action,” game. Whoever heard of too much hype?

Footage of the game’s touch controls were also demoed, providing an accessible entrance point to the game for those new to the Non-Stop Climax Action genre. Bayonetta 2 will be released in the U.S and Europe on October 24th exclusively for Wii U .

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