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Daylight Coming To PS4 and PC On April 8th

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Today, Zombie Studios and Atlus confirmed that Daylight will be launching on both the PS4 and PC on April 8th.

Daylight could be best described as a procedurally generated first-person perspective survival horror title. The plot revolves around a woman who regains consciousness within an abandoned hospital and has to use her cell phone as a light source while navigating through the hostile environment.

The game can be downloaded on April 8th for the reasonable price of $14.99. It is currently unclear if Sony will work out a deal to make this game available for free to PS Plus subscribers. Given their recent track record with Don’t Starve and Outlast, I fully expect Daylight to join the April promotion any day now.

Are any of you planning to check out this game? Please feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

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