Destiny’s Vault Of Glass Patch Now Live

It's About Time

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A few weeks back, Bungie outlined revisions that they would be implementing to the Vault Of Glass raid which mainly revolved around the end boss Atheon.

The wait is no longer, and these alterations have taken effect. The main changes are listed below

  • Bumpers placed to keep Atheon from being knocked off the ledge.
  • Atheons target selection, meaning the boss will randomly target players to teleport during final encounter.
  • Sever issues kicking players out when the mission starts
  • Fix to zebra error codes

Other future points of reference include exotic weapon tuning, new voice communications for teammates, and the ability to hold more bounties.

Do these changes ensure that the Vault Of Glass will now satisfy players and increase satisfaction, or does Bungie still have a long way to go?

Let us know in the comment section below and as always stay tuned for more up to the minute updates.

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