Dying Light is Coming Sooner than You Think

Dying Light gets an earlier release date!

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Techland developers are extremely excited to let everyone know their highly anticipated action survival game will be hitting the stores a lot sooner then expected. Dying Light is coming out next year on January 27th in the Americas, Jan. 28th in Australia and New Zealand, and Jan. 30th in Europe and Asia!

In addition to this announcement, gamers can pre-order Dying Light from the official website will receive a free DLC mode called, Be the Zombie. This DLC is a competitive asymmetric multiplayer mode where you invade other players’ games as the Night Hunter, an ultimate zombie with a unique set of deadly skills. By playing as the Night Hunter, you turn into a fast, agile and dangerous predator, whose objective is to hunt down human survivors.

The creators of Dying Light recently explained the game’s revolutionary Natural Movement system in the first Dev Diary video, recently released (and included here again in case you missed it). Designed internally by Techland, Natural Movement empowers the player to traverse the fictional city of Harran with unprecedented ease and precision, seamlessly connecting parkour-style moves with brutal fighting.

Get ready for the release of Dying Light, coming to PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.

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