ScrewAttack Purchased by Video Content Network Fullscreen

Fullscreen and ScrewAttack hope to expand the g1 community

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Everybody is buying everybody lately. Facebook recently acquired Oculus Rift, and Disney purchased Maker Studios. Joining the company-acquiring excitement, Fullscreen announced earlier today that it purchased Dallas-based video game website ScrewAttack.

The full details about the acquisition have not been revealed. What we do know is that ScrewAttack will remain based in Dallas, Texas, and Fullscreen will rebrand its Fullscreen Arcade to the ScrewAttack Network.

According to Variety, Larry Shapiro, head of talent at Fullscreen, admires ScrewAttack’s authenticity in the gaming community.

[ScrewAttack] will provide a beachhead for our creator network and support our ongoing programming strategy in gaming. They’re speaking in the voice of the gaming community. Authenticity is a key factor.

ScrewAttack’s owner, “Stuttering” Craig Skistimas, explains that the acquisition will not affect ScrewAttack’s content, and it will only help expand their community.

Together with Fullscreen, we can amplify our efforts and interact with an even larger part of the videogame community to feature content that excites, pleases and entertains.

I’ve kept up with ScrewAttack for many of its 8 years in business, and I’m happy to see them continue to grow. The g1s shouldn’t have anything to fear as their community continues to expand, creating a louder, unified voice when shouting, “S-G-C Woo!”

Are you a member of the g1 community or fan of Fullscreen and/or ScrewAttack? Let us know what you think of the acquisition in the comments section!

Source: Variety

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