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A deceptively retro Kickstarter Weekly

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Welcome back to our 9th Kickstarter Weekly. As usual, we’ve searched crowdfunding websites for the most interesting gaming-related projects waiting to be funded. This week, we found two gaming projects that stem from nostalgic roots but have since expanded into their own thing. Nintendo Force has had a successful first year, and it is looking for funding to cover printing costs. Default Dan is a brutally harsh platformer that will take everything you know about retro gaming and toss it out the window. Let’s begin, shall we?

Default Dan

Project by: Kiwiwik Games

Goal: $8,000

Current Funds: $10,658

End: January 31, 2014

While I’m well aware that Default Dan has already been funded—by a whopping 133% even—I have seen footage of the game, and I firmly believe that everyone needs to know about this game. Well, not everyone should know about this game; Default Dan looks like it gets its kicks at the expense of its players.

To understand what I mean, I’ve provided a link to an episode of Steam Train in which the developers modded Default Dan so that the main character has the face of Danny Sexbang of Ninja Sex Party. To Mr. Sexbang’s surprise, he quickly found out that Default Dan is no Super Mario Clone—it’s not even a retro game in the traditional sense.

In this game, everything is reversed. Coins are bad, and they’ll destroy you if you touch just one! I know, right? But it gets even more bizarre. You know those springs, right? Turns out they don’t do anything—they might as well be platforms. Speaking of platforms, they may or may not kill you when you step on them. As for the spikes, the staple obstacle in all platformers, they help you bounce higher. Mind. Blown.

So Default Dan could either be a deconstruction of the platformer, or it could serve as your friends’ face-palming nightmare. Either way, it looks like a blast to unlearn all our habits that have since been engrained into the nerves of our thumbs. It might be worth funding this game just for an advanced copy. So check out Default Dan’s Kickstarter and spread the word–but not too much! You don’t want your enemies to know about this one.

NF Magazine


Project by: NF Publishing, LLC

Goal: $49,000

Current Funds: $26,579

End: March 14, 2014

I still remember when Nintendo Power shut down. While I wasn’t as invested in the magazine as its fanbase, I can empathize with those who grew up with the magazine. Things get old, and eventually they must all shut down. It’s a sad tale repeated all too often. Thankfully, NF Publishing created NF Magazine, a magazine that embraces the spirit of Nintendo Power while becoming its own thing.

For the Kickstarter video, Jonathan Holmes, NF Contributor, Destructoid editor and Dismal Jester, reflects on NF Magazine’s first successful year. Holmes makes it clear that NF Magazine is not a clone of Nintnedo Power; however, there are some cool incentives to bridge the gap. One of the stretch goals is to provide enough funding for NF Magazine to include posters within its pages—just like the old days.

The rest of the Kickstarter is worth reading for fans of NF Magazine. The writer goes into detail explaining the themes behind each month’s issue. Speaking of writers, NF Magazine has a strong team from various websites like GoNintendo, Destructoid, and even industry vets. Check out the Kickstarter for the full list.

I remember the original NF Magazine being somewhat pricey, which is one of the reasons why NF Publishing is turning to Kickstarter. Good news for those who read NF Magazine and better news for those who may have been holding off.

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