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Majoras Mask 3D, We Want Limited Editions Too!

Still with no official date, The Legend of Zelda: Majoras Mask 3D is rumored to be available for purchase in Spring 2015. With enticing new screenshots previewing the game’s crisp new graphics and enhanced audio quality, one can’t help but feel crazy with anticipation for this remastered release.

Shortly after its announcement, a limited edition was announced in the UK including a steel book, pin badge, double sided poster and copy of the game. As for what the official poster will look like, has yet to be officially shown. By analyzing the rolled up poster in Nintendo’s Limited Edition release photo is that there is a clearly visible and obscure eyeball on the poster, the same eyeball that appears at the bottom half of the 3D photo where Skull Kid is looking back, standing in what appears to be the Lost Woods.

Majoras Mask

In addition, UK players will also be receiving an official Majora’s Mask paperwieght for any pre-orders made for the game. The weight consists of a clear cube dawned with the Majoras Mask. Although a small gift, the rarity of such a token is what makes it sentimental. Zelda fans all around the world will be salivating over that paperwieght, I know I am!

The real question is, why not us? What is it about North Americans and Asians that does not grant us these special editions? With Zelda fans upset, disappointed and limited edition-less, Nintendo has still not announced an expanded release of the game’s special items. As a fanbase, all we can do is patiently wait, speak our minds and hope for the best.