Tim Schafer Keen To Return To Brütal Legend

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Head of Double Fine Tim Schafer has expressed his love of the world of Brütal Legend and hopes one day to go back there in a new game or DLC pack.

Speaking over at Gamespot, Schafer said:

“I love that world and I would love to go back there. And I think Jack Black might be up for it, too, I would love to go back to that world or even just do a DLC pack. We’re always trying to get Lionwhyte in there; a playable Lionwhyte army. Maybe that would happen someday. I would definitely love to do that.”

Brütal Legend was an ambitious game that got very mixed reviews critically. The game was advertised as a third person game but in fact Brütal Legend heavily featured RTS elements as well, which quite a lot of people did not like. However the game did do a lot of things right and a sequel would certainly improve on all elements of the game.

Would you like to see more Brütal Legend? How did you like the game? Let me know in the comments below!

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