Amy Schumer Gets “Inappropriate”


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If you haven’t heard, the internet is exploding in regards to Amy Schumer’s recent debut in GQ magazine as a sexy princess Leia.

From what you can see on the GQ website and the featured image of this article, Amy is giving mouth-to-cheek love with a classic blue lightsaber. In another photo, Amy is in bed with C-3pO and R2-D2 and in yet another she is receiving C-3PO’s finger in her mouth and Chewbacca’s hands on her breast. The more “tame” photographs include her dancing in a Storm Trooper assembly line and on a leather-bar, bar top.


Lucas Films quickly retorted on Twitter after the controversial release stating that they were not involved with this charade. They also claimed that said use of Star Wars props and characters were “inappropriate”.

As if pissing off Star Wars fans everywhere wasn’t bad enough, Lucas Films and Disney are ticked off as well—and oh boy, those are not enemies any publication wants to make.

So what makes these photographs so irritating? Is it the violation of Star Wars props and characters? Could it be the blatant objectivity of the “perfect nerd woman”? Or is it annoying simply because Amy Schumer isn’t all that great to begin with? Let us know in the comments below!

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