Mass Effect Squad Members

Definitive Ranking of the Mass Effect Squad Members

Mordin Solus

8. Mordin Solus

If there’s a character with no filter, it’s definitely Mordin. Mordin wasn’t afraid to tell you what was on his mind. Whether it was sex advice for when you sleep with Garrus or Thane [as FemShep], or weird STDs only contracted by having sex with Varren, Mordin was there to lay down the law. Hell, he even tried to set up Eve with Garrus. He never lied, and although his humor may have been awkward, he was always able to make anyone smile. Mordin isn’t a bad singer, either. He may be a little insane, but the insanity is what makes Mordin so lovable.

The most important thing about Mordin is although he helped create, and defended the Genophage for quite some time, he realized in the end it was a huge mistake, and it was his duty to make things right. His sacrifice in Mass Effect 3 brought me to a good flow of tears. It had to be him, someone else would have gotten it wrong.

As a squad member: I honestly didn’t use him much, but may use him more in future playthroughs. His dialog is on point.