Mass Effect Squad Members

Definitive Ranking of the Mass Effect Squad Members

Zaeed Massani
It’s not a job well done until Zaeed sets something on fire.

16. Zaeed Massani

As I mentioned in my previous Mass Effect list, Zaeed’s character was a bit underwhelmed. His one-liners and jadedness were on point, but he needed more depth, back story, and face time. Zaeed kind of reminds me of my grandfather.. Lots of battle scars, and stories you wouldn’t believe if you heard them a thousand times (I actually found out some pretty crazy Zaeed-type shit from my Gramps recently). Robin Sachs, rest in peace, was also the perfect voice for Zaeed. I feel if I knew more about this mysterious man, I’d like him a lot more than I already do.

As a squad member: If I was in the mood for clever wit, or needed the extra firepower, Zaeed was my man.