Mass Effect Squad Members

Definitive Ranking of the Mass Effect Squad Members

Garrus Vakarian
“I’m Garrus Vakarian, and this is my favorite spot on the Citadel!”

1. Garrus Vakarian

Garrus is the best squad member. He’s funny, he takes risks, and gives his biggest middle finger (which in a Turian’s case would be the index finger?) to the man. Garrus always goes with what he believes is right. He knew that leaving C-Sec and joining Shepard in taking down Saren was the right thing. He knew that being a Spectre with a good heart isn’t just a way of being above the law, but a way of saving the galaxy. He believed Shepard right from the start, and he was there the whole time. His one-liners and dialog in general was some of my favorite. Garrus is a badass, and that’s all there is to it.

As a lover, he is fantastic. My full-Paragon Shepard romanced Kaidan in the first title, but dumped him in the second and third for Garrus. I recently watched a compilation of all the romantic and flirtatious dialog between FemShep and Garrus, and in the end was genuinely brought to tears. The little speech he gives her at the end of The Citadel DLC before they go back on the ship tugged at my heartstrings. He’s witty, suave, and hilarious.

As a squad member: Always Garrus. Always. It was always “who do I take with Garrus and me?”

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