Mass Effect Squad Members

Definitive Ranking of the Mass Effect Squad Members

Yes, this unit has a soul.

7. Legion

There’s something really special about Legion, and that’s him giving us hope in Geth. Finding Legion on the Derelict Reaper was one of my favorite parts of Mass Effect 2. He didn’t fight Shepard, and he barely resisted assistance on the Normandy afterwards. Although Tali and Legion break out into an argument, Shepard is able to calm both of them down, and get them to come to an agreement. Legion wearing the piece of Shepard’s armor he found near the crash site never felt like just filling a hole to me.. It felt like Legion wearing it in Shepard’s honor.

The mission where Legion takes you through the Geth consensus is one of my favorites. It helps the player understand the Geth, the good kind like Legion, are really more human than you thought, and how some of the Quarians should have given them a bit more respect. And yes, this unit has a soul.

Legion is voiced by the incredibly talented D.C. Douglas, who I have had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing a few times (stay tuned, readers, a new one will come soon!), and I will tell you this: His voice is not that altered. I had the pleasure of being called “Shepard Commander,” by the man himself, and just about melted into a puddle.

Fun fact: D.C. Douglas also voiced the Normandy crew member in Mass Effect 2 that said, “Hey Rupert, you done something different with this? Tastes like you put in a lot more food and a lot less ass.”

As a squad member: I used Legion here and there. When in need of tech fighting support, he was definitely one of my top choices.