Mass Effect Squad Members

Definitive Ranking of the Mass Effect Squad Members

Kaidan Alenko

5. Kaidan Alenko

As I type these words, I can already feel the hatred coming in my direction. People tend to find Kaidan boring, annoying, and weak. Is he the best choice for combat? Not really. But he is one of the most, if not the most loyal squad member Shepard ever had. From beginning to end, whether Shepard’s actions were something he agreed with or not, he had Shepard’s back all the way through. In Mass Effect 3 he understands his wrongs from the previous title, and tells Shepard he is genuinely sorry, and wishes he could have helped him/her when s/he initially asked for his return.

Kaidan, as a lover, is also a big favorite of mine, next to Liara. He is very open about voicing his opinions, and will never stop reminding Shepard how much he loves him/her. Of course, the romantic part of MaleShep/Kaidan doesn’t come until 3, but the sexual tension is there in the first and second installments.

Kaidan Alenko is someone I look at for expectations in a lover I think is fit for me. He is supportive, he is open, and he will always love you, regardless of what you do or say. He’ll always have your back, and will be right next to you to charge into whatever challenges you present to him. VentureBeat wrote an article back in 2013 that truly explains my opinion on Kaidan very well. I’ve had other people read this article, and they too, have been willing to give Kaidan another chance.

As a squad member: Kaidan is not the strongest, and is definitely one of the weakest. In the first Mass Effect he always accompanied me to the Citadel, and in the third one I used him where I could for the dialog.