Mass Effect Squad Members

Definitive Ranking of the Mass Effect Squad Members

James Vega

17. James Vega

As a person, I do like James a lot. He kind of reminds me of my good friend Daniel. Total gym nut, with a macho-man top layer, but a real sweetheart underneath who’d give you the shirt off his back if need be. His interactions with other members of the crew were funny, and I am a bit of a sucker for Freddie Prince Jr.

James is still brave, though, especially when it comes to flirting with Shepard. Knowing he had no interest in fraternization, and knowing Shepard already was in love, he still flirt with her anyways. But, he was a newcomer in the Mass Effect trilogy, so I didn’t have the deep connection and history with him as I do with others.

As a squad member: He kinda felt like the Ashley replacement, which was, okay, I guess.