Games of Our Lives — 6.24.15 | Kingdom Hearts 3 to Have Free Run System, More News!

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/// EPISODE 114

Below are the news stories that may not have made the headlines today but are worth reading!

Gamers never die…..

Just like the Games of Our Lives…


►Shenmue III
►Gears of War: Ultimate Edition
►Ratchet & Clank PS4
►Yo-kai Watch Busters
►Tales From the Borderlands
►Life is Strange
►Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5
►Kingdom Hearts 3

/// Overwatch | Bastion Gameplay Preview!

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/// Shenmue III | Funding and Budget Clarified!

There have been many questions concerning Shenmue 3’s budget and what outside sources will be added to the money collected through Kickstarter. I apologize for not having been more forthright in this area and would like to take this opportunity to help clarify the situation.

Ys Net and I have been putting in many long years trying to find a way to bring back a sequel that so many fans have waited so long for. After learning of Kickstarter, I knew it would be possible to get Shenmue 3 started. Wanting to make the best game possible, I also knew that I would have to look to more traditional means to obtain all the funds that would be needed to create the game I had envisioned.

Sony and Shibuya Productions have been wonderful partners because they believe in Shenmue and want to see the best for the fans and the game. Their investment in (and support of) Shenmue have helped to realize a sequel that will stand proud with its predecessors. While it is not business practice to discuss the specific details of such arrangements, I can say that with their assistance on the production and marketing end, and in Sony’s case with some publishing support as well, Ys Net is able to use more of the money we collect through Kickstarter purely for Shenmue 3’s development. It is also important to note that your funds are going strictly to Ys Net for development of Shenmue 3 – Sony and Shibuya Productions are not seeing a cent of your Kickstarter dollars.

The outpouring of support from all of you, the backers, has been so inspirational. I cannot thank you enough. Having reached our funding goal, I am excited to say that the Shenmue story will go on, and our journey with Ryo and Shenhua will continue. Fans will be able to enjoy the sequel they have waited so long for, and newcomers to the series will be introduced to a unique gaming experience.

Of course, like with any Kickstarter, additional funding will only help us make a better game. On top of everything Shenmue 3 will already bring, the Stretch Goals that I have laid out will add extra quests, events, and new gameplay systems that will make the game even more immersive and take the series to the next level. At the $5 million mark, there will be an all new gameplay feature I would be excited to be able to add to the Shenmue legacy. If we should make the $10 million Stretch Goal, a much larger, completely open world will be yours to explore.

Even if these Stretch Goals are not reached, Shenmue 3 will already be a sequel true to its name, and one we can all be proud of. It is my hope though, that together we can make this Shenmue just as revolutionary as the first two were.

I understand this statement may by late in coming. Going forward, we wish to be as open as possible concerning the game’s development. I would like to again ask for your cooperation and support in helping make Shenmue 3 the best that it can be.

Sincerely, Yu Suzuki


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/// Gears of War: Ultimate Edition | Teaser Video!

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/// Driveclub PlayStation Plus Edition Out Tomorrow!

Starting on Thursday, all PlayStation Plus members can download Driveclub PS Plus Edition and begin playing the offline mode. Also starting Thursday, we will be rolling out online access to the Driveclub PS Plus Edition and will steadily bring more and more players online while continuously ensuring that all game systems are running smoothly. We know that this might be frustrating after your extra wait already, but hope you can understand that we are taking extra precautions to protect your experience when you do get online. We want to make sure we don’t overload the servers as we invite millions of PS Plus members to download the game tomorrow.


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/// One of Destiny The Taken King’s quests is exclusive to Red Bull Drinkers!

Access to the quest will be available on specially-marked cans of Red Bull and leverage themes of speed, tenacity and strategy inspired by the energy drink, through Each Red Bull can will also include bonus XP to help players prepare for this epic quest. Players can start using the bonus XP throughout the summer, with the in-game quest kicking off following the launch of The Taken King, the latest addition to the Destiny universe scheduled for release on September 15, 2015.

/// Destiny’s Sony Timed-Exclusives Will be “completely refreshed” Before Fall Launch on Xbox!

“So [Xbox players] can play last year’s model and, as a community, Destiny fans can play through the new versions together and figure them out,” he said.

“We want you to experience The Undying Mind completely as it was with the Vex, and also in a Taken-ified version. We wanted to make it feel like more than last year’s model.”


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/// Ratchet & Clank PS4 vs PS2 Graphic Comparison!

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/// Yo-kai Watch Busters | Second Trailer!

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/// Tales from the Borderlands Episode 3 ‘Catch a Ride’ Launch Trailer!

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/// Life is Strange Dev “would love” a Second Season, But With a New Cast!

Life is Strange still has two episodes to go, but developer Dontnod is hoping to produce a second season if possible.

“We would love to have the opportunity to do another season,” Luc Baghadoust producer told Polygon.

Art director Michel Koch said this potential second season will probably feature a new cast and setting rather than a direct continuation.

“We can really go with other characters, other locations, but still keep the identity of the game, the themes of the game,” he said.

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/// Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5 Multiplayer Supports up to 20 Skaters!

Described as “like a skatepark that never closes”, the network suite offers missions, unlockables, levelling and on-the-fly competitive challenges. Players can also build and share their own skateparks, which is pretty cool.

Sadly, these network features are restricted to the PS4 and Xbox One version only; Activision confirmed that the PS3 and Xbox 360 have no online play.

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/// Warren Spector Feels VR Gaming is a Fad, But “bring on” Augmented Reality!

Speaking with at E3 2015 last week, the Deus Ex-director said VR has”amazing possibilities” especially for social media, corporate meetings, job training and possibly for medical treatment. Not so much for video games, though.

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/// Kingdom Hearts 3 Will Have A Free Run System and Mostly New Worlds, Release Date Decided Internally!

In interview with Famitsu and Dengeki PlayStation, Director Tetsuya Nomura revealed that Kingdom Hearts 3 will have a free run system, allowing Sora to perform acrobatic movements such as running up walls. While Nomura didn’t reveal all of Sora’s new movement options, it does seem like the character will be more of a gymnast than he was in other Kingdom Hearts games.

Nomura also mentioned that Kingdom Hearts 3 will have mostly new worlds, and he said that Xehanort’s story will be concluded in the upcoming game, but the series won’t necessarily be over. The development team already has ideas about where the characters will end up after the third game, but those ideas were not shared. [Source]

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/// Dying Light Devs Take Shot at Destiny The Taken King Red Bull-Exclusive Mission!

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/// PlayStation Vita Update 3.52 Out Now!

►System software stability during use of some features has been improved.

/// You’ve Now Reached the End of Games of Our Lives

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