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Help The Koalition Build an RPG Part 2: Characters and Plot

UPDATE: All Part 2 polls are now closed. Updates coming soon!

ORIGINAL: Welcome back to our RPG Maker MV Community Poll series! If you just now stumbled across this series, I highly recommend checking out Part 1 before you continue, as that part will explain what’s going and what happened the first time around. Now, to recap where we are at after Part 1’s polls concluded (several of which were very close in the voting!) right here:

Part 1 Community Poll Results

Summary – Our game features a Female Elf in the leading role backed up by a supporting cast which consists of one horse, one demon, and one human to make up the full player party. It’s a fantasy/sci-fi hybrid RPG that begins with our not-quite hero but not-quite villain in the middle of an action scene.

Specific Voting Details –

  • Which race will the main character be? Elf – 23% Vote
  • Which gender will the main character be? Female – 46% Vote
  • Main character alignment? Something in between a hero and a villain – 60% Vote
  • How many other party members? Three – 50% Vote
  • Setting theme? Mixture of Fantasy and Sci-Fi – 50% Vote
  • Where will the game begin? In the Middle of an Action Scene – 39% Vote
  • Popular RPG tropes to flip around or avoid completely?
    • First dungeon is a cave and/or forest area
    • Silent and/or amnesiac protagonist 

rpg maker art work vx

Updates on the Game’s Progress

Game development is a slow process. As someone that has a full-time job taking up ~50+ hours per week plus commuting, in addition to relationship and general adult-life obligations, plus freelance writing on the side, free-time is at a premium these days. That being said, whenever possible, I am working on making progress. For starters, I’ve decided to utilize the provided resources in the RPG Maker MV program as much as possible – within reason. For example, I won’t be creating any artwork from scratch for this game, all of my enemies will be created using the provided graphics, the same goes for attack animations, etc. However, I do intend on making the classes and combat itself as interesting as possible. The same goes for the characters and story. These are things that I can input myself, without shamefully flaunting my lack of graphic design capabilities. Things like maps and areas will be mostly built on my own, but I will also tweak and customize template areas in the program itself to save some time as well. Finally, I also decided to make the top 3 losing racial options from Part 1 the other party members. That means, the party members are:

  • The Female Elf, Main Character
  • Her Horse
  • A Demon
  • And a Human

Why those three would travel with a female elf in a worlds-collided-sci-fi-fantasy mashup RPG is beyond me, but I guess the plot will reveal itself in time, right?

Part 2 – Characters and Plot

But now, without further delay, let’s dive directly into Part 2 of the Community Poll. The questions will be a bit more detailed this time around, but please take the time to answer each and every one of them. Chances are, things that are not voted for in the polls may show up in another way within the game. For example, the non-winning character designs may end up as NPCs. Either way, the more responses we get, the better! Just remember to keep the results from the previous poll in mind when answering questions!

UPDATE: Results are in!

  • Main character’s face? Option 1 (51%)
  • Main character’s name? Eloen (26%)
  • Main character’s personality traits? Intelligent (48%,) Brave (37%,) and Independent (35%)
  • Main character’s class? Hacker (25%)
  • Demon character’s face? Option 2 (35%)
  • Human character’s face? Option 2 (37%)
  • Three party member classes? Cyborg (47%,) Mentalist (47%,) and Warrior (43%)
  • Name of the game? Infinite Dreams of Forgotten Tomorrow XD: Equestrian Edition (30%)
  • Combination of sci-fi and technology theme? Two ideologies that coexist in harmony and blend together (29%)
  • Opening scene? The Main Character and her horse escaping from a dangerous situation (41%)
  • How does the main character meet the human and demon? The demon was pursuing the human, who agreed to trade his soul in the past, but has recently changed his mind (38%)
  • First dungeon? Sci-Fi Research Facility (32%)
  • Potential main character’s best friend or romantic interest ideas:
    • Best friend is a demon that she freed from being imprisoned and owes her a favor. Demon is clueless about today’s society and Eloen is the only non-demon that can be trusted.
    • Her love interest was polymorphed into an animal (potentially the horse?) and could serve as a subplot to change them back.
    • The human male is her best friend, but unknown to her, he is also in love with her.
rpg maker art work xp

Once again, thank you for participating in the second round of community polls for our game!


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