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Introducing the MMOMonday Stream Community Poll for 5/18/15!

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If you follow us on Twitter or Facebook, then you’ve probably noticed we started streaming a lot more regularly this month. That’s not going away any time soon and, in fact, we intend to expand that even further in the weeks to come. We will start having themed streams, events, and all kinds of stuff to not only keep things fresh and interesting, but also to increase our engagement with the community of people that visit this site and make what we do possible. Without your clicks and eyeballs, it’d all be for nothing!

As a result, the first regular theme we’ll run is MMOMonday. Every single Monday, from 9PM – 11PM PST (has to be late in order for me to commit consistently! If you miss it, don’t worry, it’s every week and we archive it on YouTube!) yours truly, David Jagneaux, will be streaming an MMO that YOU get to help choose on our official TheKoalitionTV Twitch channel. You can follow us right here and make sure to enable receiving updates, that way you can be notified right away once we go live with any of our streams.

Here are the options for MMOMonday on May 18th, 2015. These are the MMOs that I currently have installed, patched, and ready to play. Don’t see something listed that you’d like to watch? Leave a comment and I’ll work on getting that one ready to go for a future stream.

UPDATE 8:55PM PST: Votes are in: The winner is Guild Wars 2!

Now, let me provide a bit of background to my experience with each game to let you know what you’ll be watching. In Guild Wars 2, I’ve been playing since Closed Beta and have 1 Level 80 Norn Guardian, and two alts in the low-20s – a Human Elementalist and a Sylvari Ranger. In The Elder Scrolls Online, I played it when it launched for a short while and have played it once since it went free-to-play and have 1 low-level Dragonknight. In Marvel Heroes 2015, I have a level 17 Scarlet Witch, a level 10 Thor, and a level 10 Daredevil. In H1Z1, I’ve been playing that since the launch of Early Access but have not played in about a month or two. The Secret World, I’ve barely gotten passed the introduction and am still very low level.

Thanks for your feedback and don’t forget to tune in for the show Monday, May 18th, 2015 sometime between 9PM and 11PM PST. If you miss it – don’t worry! You can catch it on our YouTube afterwards.

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