Microsoft Will Be Selling A New Xbox One Controller in June [UPDATE]

New controller will have built in 3.5mm port.

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An image of the controller was posted on German site, LIBRO being being taken down. Thanks to the power of the internet however, here it is:



When the PlayStation 4 launched, its controller had a headphone jack that supported typical 3.5mm headphones built right into the device. The Xbox One sadly did not. According to the company (via their support page), that will be changing in June.


Thanks to the information on the page, it seems that any controller released after June will now have a 3.5mm port built into the controller. This would offset the need to buy the current solution to the problem: a $25 adapter to plug into the bottom of the controller. For those who already own the soon to be “original” controllers, well…you’re kind of out of luck.

The support page (link above) has slides for both the front (above) and back of the controller, but everything listed seems pretty standard aside from the 3.5mm port. The controller is set to debut on June 8th according to the retailer.


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