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New Details and Release Date for Homeworld Remastered [PAX South]

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Homeworld is known as the first fully three dimensional RTS (Real-Time Strategy). THQ acquired the deep, revolutionary title in 2004, but Gearbox acquired the series in a bidding war after THQ went bankrupt.

In a brief peek behind the curtains, I was allowed to take a look at the new Homeworld Remastered cinematics side by side, frame for frame with the original titles (Homeworld and Homeworld 2) at the first PAX South. The level of attention is no surprise considering the passionate demo I was given by Brian Burleson (Sr. Producer), Jonathan Faucett (Artist), and a couple others involved. The visuals are stunning and maintain the spirit of the original games, considering the lead designer was from the original titles as well.

I asked if there were tough moments when you wanted to add entirely new elements to the game and the devs expressed how, with so much of the original team involved, the focus on remastering an already complete project rarely ever strayed. Faucett also mentioned that the mod community is already preparing to introduce new elements into the game, as is often the case with PC titles.


Though they aren’t adding new missions or ships, they are bring the Homeworld and Homeworld 2 units into one collective multiplayer, allowing races and units to interact as they never have before. The multiplayer beta will be releasing within the Homeworld Remastered collection. Considering the new dynamics that will be introduced and the fact that the multiplayer had to be rebuilt from the ground up (the foundation of the original infrastructure doesn’t exist anymore), the Beta will be a great opportunity to weigh in on player feedback for a solid online experience.

Look for Homeworld Remastered to be released on February 25 on the PC.

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