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Oculus Will Help Indie Developers by Contributing $10 Million to Games Development

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Oculus had a pre-E3 presentation today. In it, the company laid down its plans for gaming on its Rift VR device. One thing that was said stood out above the rest with regards to how seriously the company is taking gaming. In particular, indie games.

“Indie developers have created some of the most innovative and interesting games in the last decade,” aid Anna Sweet, who is the Head of Developer Strategy. “Who would have thought we would all enjoy spending hours running around as a boy made of meat or inspecting passports as a border guard or mining and spelunking with friends? We’re looking forward to these same innovative discovering entirely new genres in VR and taking us all on incredible adventures. It’s going to be awesome! So to that end, today I am pleased to announce that we will be investing more than $10 million towards accelerating the development of these innovative, one-of-a-kind, independent games on the Rift.”

That’s a sizable chunk of change for indie game development. It makes sense however, as independent companies are the ones in the best position to fully utilize the possibilities that VR gaming can offer. This also means that the Oculus Rift will have many exclusives that can only be played on the system.

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