See What Some Major Cities Would Look Like in the World of The Order: 1886

No matter where you go, there are blimps in the sky.

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The Order: 1886 takes place in an alternate Victorian London. However, that city isn’t the only one which is different from its real life counterpart of the time. The entire world is different and we get to see what some of these cities may have looked like thanks to some concept art.

These pieces come from the official The Order: 1886 Facebook page. As such, we have to believe these are official works of concept art from the development team. Here you see what three major cities would have looked like in this altered time.

Berlin, Germany

The Order: 1886 - Berlin

Florence, Italy

The Order 1886 - Florence

Sydney, Australia

The Order 1886 - Sydney

Who knows? Perhaps in future sequels to The Order we’ll get to visit some of these cities. The world of the game has a history that can be mined for many games and being able to travel to different cities would give us a deep understand of how the world is different from ours.

Source: The Order: 1886 on Facebook

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