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Star Wars: Battlefront Will Feature Fire Squadron Game Mode, Starfighter Battles and More

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In an open letter to its fan entitled “Dear Diary,” EA was ever so kind to provide us with an update regarding Star War Battlefront, specifically game modes and maps.

Battlefront will feature new game modes and maps that will indulge a fan’s specific taste such as Fire Squadron Mode, where players will be able to partake in massive Starfighter battles. Other missions will involve players taking on armies of AIs or showcasing their piloting skills.

All missions will be available as either alone or cooperatively; so get ready for numerous online battles, an instant skirmish or bringing your friends over to play.

Lastly, the game’s design director, Niklas Fegraeus, has confirmed an official look at gameplay will be revealed at 2015’s E3.

Star War Battlfront will release on November 17th for Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4.

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