Tabletop Games Inspired Armello is Coming to PlayStation 4

Armello on PS4 is the first truly digital board game.

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Developer League of Geeks has announced they are bringing the digital tabletop game Armello to PlayStation 4.

This version of the game will feature new assets and a redesigned user interface. It is set in a vibrant magical world with a tinge of darkness, that thrusts players into a Game of Thrones-esque struggle for power.

Players will select one of eight unique Heroes from the animal clans of Armello and compete for the crown while the mad Lion King terrorizes the Kingdom from the seeming safety of his Royal Palace.

Heroes start in their clan grounds and use action points to traverse the board. Each hex tile presents different consequences including: mysterious encounters, exploring dungeons, capturing towns for the player’s clan, or improving a Hero’s health.

Players won’t just be battling each other as they move across the board on their quest for the crown though. They will have to fight Banes that stalk the land and terrorize the local townspeople. They also be fighting off King’s Guards who are on the attack. The game will feature an arsenal of over 100 fully animated cards to use.

Armello will release on PlayStation 4 this September.


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