Pre-Order NBA 2K16 and Start Hooping Four Days Earlier

Those who pre-order get in-game bonuses including 10,000VC and MyTEAM VIP.

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2K Sports really wants us to forget the problems that once plagued the series; everything from the inability to access offline career modes. to frustrating glitches.

In hopes of erasing our memories of the past, 2K Sports is offering NBA 2K16 four days early to those who pre-order. This includes both the full game in both physical and digital form, guaranteeing buyers that they can start playing on September 25th, instead of the September 29th launch date.


In addition, pre-orders will come with extra virtual currency and items used in the game’s Career Mode (which is being worked on by Spike Lee) and MyTeam Mode. 2K Sports assures its fans that online features will be supported for 27 months after the game’s launch date.

NBA 2K16 will release for PS3, PS4, PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Android and iOS.

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