Killer Instinct Season 3 Coming Late March, Will Have Halo Crossover

Rash and the Arbiter are ready to kick some butt.

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The third season of Killer Instinct is coming in late March, and with it are two fighters that will be very near and dear to gamers hearts, especially if you’re a big Microsoft fan.

When the third expansion for the Microsoft only fighting game (releasing on March 29) kicks off, fans will see the addition of four new characters, with a total of eight releasing for the third season. Two of the fighters, however, will be fan favorites for gamers who venture outside of the realm of the fighting genre. Not only will we see Kim Wu (a martial artists) and Tusk The Viking, but Killer Instinct will also be bringing in Rash (Battletoads) and the Arbiter (Halo) for the fight.

Players will also be happy to know that 3 new stages are coming with season 3, including one called the “Arena of Judgement”, a map that is based on the Sangheili homeward from Halo 5: Guardians. The Windows 10 edition of Killer Instinct: Season 3 is also releasing on the same day as the Xbox One version, and players can carry their content over between the two for no extra charge.

As far as prices go, Iron Galaxy are offering three different choices. For $19.99, you can purchase the “Combo Breaker Bundle” which nets you all of season 3’s characters. For $29.99, there is the “Ultra Bundle”, which gives you all season 3 characters plus their costumes. For those who don’t own any of the game, you can purchase the “Complete Collection” for $59.99, which comes with every character and costume from all seasons of the game.

Killer Instinct: Season 3 releases on March 29 for Windows 10 and Xbox One.

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