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/// June 27, 2016 | EPISODE 164

Below are the news stories that may not have made the headlines today but are worth reading!

Gamers never die…..

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►Resident Evil 7
►The Division
►Skyrim Special Edition

/// You Play as a New and Ordinary Person in Resident Evil 7!

Gamers will be playing as a new and ordinary person in Resident Evil 7, instead of a macho, hero character, revealed producer Masachika Kawata.

“Just to confirm – it isn’t an existing character whose eyes you’re seeing through,” said Kawata. I think one of the places we got in the series up until now is you’re kind of playing these superhero characters. They’re fully equipped, powerful people who go into these survival horror situations but they’re ready for them. They can take it on.

“To bring the horror experience right to the player, we thought now that you’re in first person you’ll feel like you’re there. You can’t be looking through the perspective of a macho, hero character because that’s not you at home. Or maybe you are macho, I don’t know [laughs]. It’s sort of a powerless, ordinary person you’re playing as.

“We’re not really talking in too much detail about who they are right now, but they’re an ordinary person stuck in an extraordinary situation. I think that really brings the horror right to the fore. You wonder if this person you’re playing as – or you – will be able to cope with this situation. That’s a real feeling of helplessness that helps the horror stand out. If you try the demo that’s out on [PlayStation 4] for [PlayStation Plus subscribers], you’ll see.”
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/// See Some of the Original Xbox Controller Designs!

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/// Sega: Sonic Franchise Sold Over 350 Million Units Worldwide!

The Sonic the Hedgehog franchise has sold over 350 million units worldwide, according to Sonic’s new chief brand officer Ivo Gerscovich who spoke with MCVUK. The 350 million figure includes physical, as well as digital sales.

“Well this year it’s Sonic’s 25th anniversary,” answered Gerscovich when asked about the current state of the franchise. “Sonic has been inducted into the Hall of Fame this year by the Strong Museum. Sonic won the most votes out of 20 different gaming brands all with a long history. So we were really honored and flattered.

“We have now sold over 350m games – either physically or downloaded. We have been on more platforms than virtually any other game. Sonic is the star of his fifth TV series now, and even on mobile we have had over 200m downloads from the last few games. So the state of the brand is really, really strong and we are now energising it even further. We are rolling into 100 countries with the television show – Sonic Boom – and it is doing great in the ratings.
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/// Xbox Fitness is Shutting Down, but You Still have Time to Try It!

This shutdown will take place over the course of a year, as the announcement detailed, and Microsoft has released the full timetable.

►Beginning today, June 27, 2016, Xbox Fitness content will no longer be available for purchase. For existing users of Xbox Fitness, the content you’ve purchased will be available to play for a year, through June 30, 2017.

►On December 15, 2016, we will be removing our “Free with Gold” offer. Until then, Gold members will still be able to access and play the over 30+ workouts available for streaming as a part of this offer for free.

►On July 1, 2017, Xbox Fitness (and all associated content) will no longer be available for download/play. This includes content you’ve purchased. At that time, Xbox Fitness will no longer be available for download from Xbox Marketplace and content will not be available for play from the Xbox Marketplace nor within the game. Xbox Fitness users will no longer be able access Xbox Fitness and the associated workouts/programs.
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/// Watch the Launch Trailer for The Division Underground DLC!

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/// Bethesda Aiming to Make the Skyrim Special Edition ‘As Next-Gen as Possible’!

/// You’ve Now Reached the End of Games of Our Lives

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