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Aftercharge E3 2017 Hands-On Preview – Shockingly Addictive

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If you read my PAX East 2017 article on Aftercharge, you know it’s a game with a simple concept that pumps out a lot of fun. Chainsawesome Games Communications Officer Laurent Mercure brought an all-new build of the game to E3’s MixLA Indie showcase. Back in Boston, both the Workonics (the robots) and Enforcers (humans) were all the same class – in Los Angeles, we got to see a taste of two new classes, giving players the opportunity to spice things up a bit.

Workonics (viewable with the video above) now have two classes – Bubbles and Glitch. Bubbles units are designed to handle heavy material and generate energy structures for each site. Like in the previous build, they have the standard invisibility cloak and can bring any other model back to life. Bubbles units have an overcharge move which creates an energy dome that keeps humans out for a solid amount of time.

Glitch units, which we recognize from the previous build, are the first units built with some wires hanging out of their shells to show how edgy and brutal they are – they’ve come a long way through some trials and tribulations! Glitch units have an overcharge move that sends a big wave of energy, knocking back any enemies in it’s way.

Enforcers came with two classes, as well. The Striker is what we’re familiar with from the previous build – equipped with a long range rifle and ion grenades to reveal the locations of the Workonics, a skilled Striker can be a deadly force against the opposing team.

New to E3 was the Liquidator, equipped with dual-wielding Quanta pistols which hold the ability to shoot out trackers. If a tracker attaches to a Workonic, the next six shots will automatically hit the target, regardless of where it is on the map. Being tracked by a Liquidator can mean game over – he can drop proximity mines too, revealing your location fairly quickly and efficiently.

Aftercharge gets more fun each time – a game with a unique 3v3 concept and pleasant aesthetic that also requires solid communication. Even before with only one class on each side, the replay value was high. Coming up with different strategies is the best way to guarantee success in every encounter.

Aftercharge will be available sometime in 2018 on both PC and Xbox One. Are any of you looking forward to this game? Please feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

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