Justice League And Aquaman Are Getting VR Games

Is VR An Instant Gamechanger For DC's Extended Universe?

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Just when we thought our favorite DC Comics characters couldn’t get any more media attention, IMAX and Warner Bros. have announced three upcoming virtual reality (VR) titles. Earlier this year on March 28th, the two companies publicized an unprecedented VR production agreement that will hopefully go on to provide fans with three new VR titles. So far, two of these titles have been named – Justice League VR and Aquaman VR, while the third game is yet to be revealed. As just one project will be launched per year, we imagine the third title won’t be named until 2018 at the earliest.

As for why Warner Bros. has decided to invest in this new gaming technology, we believe it is probably due to a number of factors. Firstly, director James Cameron has been developing 3D and CG technology alongside 20th Century Fox, while Ang Lee continues to break new ground with 3D 4K resolution over at TriStar Pictures. Clearly, Warner Bros. is attempting to find its own niche within modern cinematic technology by applying VR.

Why games though? Well, while most DC superheroes other than Batman have been absent from cinema, DC has remained a staple in gaming culture. The Arkham series continues to thrive, while online MMORPG game DC Universe has attracted a wide range of new fans.

Plus, Warner Bros. recently signed a new deal with iGaming software developers Playtech, which means that online casinos such as bgo – where you can already play Superman II and Man of Steel with a bgo bonus – will soon be receiving brand new DC games. Meanwhile, you can find The Dark Knight slot on sites including slotzzz, as well as a variety of other DC titles through Live Casino Direct. Really, you’ll be astonished at just how many DC games there are out there, but let’s get back to the VR titles.

According to the official press release detailing the upcoming VR games, Warner Bros. Worldwide Home Entertainment Distribution President Ron Sanders is hoping that this new collaboration will lead to “premium VR experiences” and “broaden the appeal of this fast-growing technology”.

Now, we know what you’re thinking: there’s a possibility that these VR games will only be available at IMAX cinemas while the films are being advertised. Well, you are half right as they will be present at movie screenings – a marketing strategy that is doing really well already – before eventually becoming available to VR headsets and smartphones. Of course, this isn’t the first time Warner Bros. has partnered with VR developers. Just earlier this year the company experienced a lot of success marketing Kong: Skull Island due to VR YouTube advertisements.

This is great news, as it implies Warner Bros. will have a better idea of how to take superheroes from their movies and turn them into dynamic, playable VR characters. At least, we hope they do. For now, we will simply have to wait and see how these VR releases turn out, while we play some Arkham or Superman slots on bgo.

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