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Legends of Ellaria Preview – A Unique Blend Of RTS and FPS

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Ever been playing an RTS and thought “Man, how cool would it be to explore my kingdom as a citizen?” Since you’re playing an RTS… doubtful. You could go play Elder Scrolls for that experience. Larkon Studio Inc. doesn’t want you to go play Elder Scrolls, though. They want to give you that entire experience in one game: Legends of Ellaria.

This is accomplished via instant switching between first-person and real-time strategy modes. Larkon Studio Inc. blends two genres together for a wholly unique experience. Want to send your army to the front while you sneak through the back? Send them over in RTS mode, then switch to your custom character in FPS view to flank. Outsmart the enemy however you can.

Customize everything, or leave it all pre-built.

Upon entering Ellaria, you will decide which of five clans to rule over. Each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Each is fighting to uncover the source of all magic – The Rift Stone. This journey will take you across the land, shaping the world as you see fit. Each building – pre-built or placed by you via the RTS mode – contains items and crafting areas. Any citizens you run into are fleshed out with names and professions. Some will party up with you. Others have a quest or two to give out. It depends on your alignment.

Interacting with the world contributes to your character’s alignment. How good/evil you are will not only affect you but your entire kingdom. An evil king will receive less diplomatic options than a pure one, but evil will strike fear into enemies hearts. A powerful tool when trying to conquer the world.

Despite the kingdom building and the politics surrounding it, you can leave. The main story is optional. Travel the world, leave your land without a ruler. Come back in one-hundred hours and see how it fares. Pacifist? You can live your days in the safety of your walls. Send your subjects to explore for you. You are king after all.

Truly build your kingdom.

Citizens split into warriors, farmers, wizards, or builders. Should you build up your home, it’s important to spread these out to ensure maximum effectiveness. You can have all the food in the world, but what’s the point if you can’t defend it? And by you I mean you. Those classes apply to your character as well. Ellaria can be played without engaging in combat once. If you want to live out your days as a builder, send your armies to fight for you.

Legends of Ellaria provides you complete freedom. The world is your sandbox. Do with it what you will. The ambition behind this project is admirable, and I am impressed with what Larkon Studio Inc. has accomplished in a 4 year period. Ellaria is greenlit on Steam and is moving into Early Access on May 26th.

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