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The Pain and Beauty of Love – An Interview with Poet Elizabeth Pipko

There’s nothing like the passionate joy of falling in love. The emotions that’ll suddenly take over your soul. This is what love feels like; it radiates. Now imagine if suddenly this feeling was ripped away from you, never to be in your life again.

The tears, the heartache, the pain. Time heals all wounds but those wounds leave scars; a reminder of yesteryear.

For poet Elizabeth Pipko, her first love was figure skating. She twirled, dazzled and danced on ice creating pure magic. Unfortunately, an injury took away that love. Despite giving into the depression, the darkness many of us feel when we lose our first love, she powered through and discovered an art she never knew she possessed; the gift of poetry.

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About You is Pipko’s second book of poetry following her collection, Sweet Sixteen. It is raw and elegant; filled with sadness, longing and happiness. It’s her soul in written form and one of the most relatable and genuine set of poetry ever written. I found myself unable to tear myself away from the pages as her words spoke directly to my soul.

The Koalition spoke with Pipko at this year’s BookExpo’s Social Media Stars as Authors Panel about her writings, her painful journey of recovery (of both the body and the soul) and whether she’ll venture into the fictional prose world.

Check out our interview below.