News To Hide in a Bush or To Go Out with AK-47s A-Blazing?

Popular for being one of the best battlefield .io games for a web browser, is a pack leader in endless web games. There are no parachutes, no picking where you want to drop on a map of gamers—you simply spawn in the heat of battle, surrounded by others that want to turn your fascination into fear with their machine guns and bloodlust. Dun dun dun. Okay, so maybe it’s not quite that intense, but it sure feels that way when you suddenly appear in the middle of a shootout.

Most newbies to see the bushes and run for cover, intent on waiting out the battle until they can successfully take down the last few players. However, hiding is rarely an option, as those pros know all the tricks and do sweeps of hiding places to rack up their numbers with noob deaths. Your best course of action is to be in the action. Jump in with a blaze of guns, guts, and glory.

A little background… has been around since October of 2017, thanks to a couple of Reddit game developers with a love for design and endless battles. The beginnings were humble, with the game being released as a solo with zero sound. This means gamers could only play against CPUs, and you never knew when someone was coming to blast your butt with a machine gun.

However, over the course of the last year or so, there have been patches added to patch in team options, strictly online gameplays, new weapons, plenty of sounds, and dozens of in-game modes that made thrive. Now, the game developers keep fans updated with weekly YouTube videos, regular patch releases, and general news about improvements. They even take fan suggestions, many of which have been implemented in various past patches to make gameplay smoother, better, and more intense or fun. Sound like a game you could get into? You can click here and go straight to Poki to play the game.

What’s the Point of Playing an Endless IO Game?

IO games are new, endless concepts that have taken the internet world by storm. But why? Back in the day, games had classic, tried-and-true, clear-cut objectives, where you knew what you needed to do to precisely win. Game over. However, times have changed, and gamers are more interested in the process of the gameplay—not in where that gameplay might lead them. IO games are a cross between boredom busters and living in the moment. You build strategies and skills without having to worry over a concise objective. You just play until you don’t want to play anymore.

That said, there are smaller missions that you make yourself. For example, most IO games have a rank board where you can strive to be the best of the best and get your username to the top. But it’s not necessary. If your aim is to relieve stress, have fun, and zone out for a bit, then games like would be your end-of-day bread and butter.

Weapons Galore:

Weapons are your main source of damage and destruction in the world—but some weapons are better than others.

For those that want an up-close contact kill, you can use your fists to pummel your opponent. That is if they don’t have a high-powered weapon to blast your body back to kingdom come. If your opponent’s gun is weak-powered, you could get a few devastating death pounds in without taking too much damage.

If you prefer big massacres, or distance kills, take your opponents out with well-timed frag grenades. Or, use smoke grenades to flush them from their hiding places, then pick them off with a fully automatic AK-47, HK46, SCAR-H, or FAMAS.

Short-range weaponry that really packs a punch includes a classic M870 shotgun with single pump-action, or a MP220 which is double pump-action for quick succession kills. You also have your choice of pistols, sniper rifles, and either light or sub machine guns—all effective in bringing up your kill counts and establishing dominance.

Steer Clear of Making These Noob Mistakes —

Everyone has to start somewhere. And yes, that makes you a noob—or, newbie, if you prefer. But you can get a little edge on your fellow noobs by steering clear of the following mistakes.

  • Bullets ricochet and bounce off of walls, terrain…almost everything. So, mind where you shoot and try to avoid standing in the way when other bullets come back from bounding off surrounding buildings. Dozens of noobs die because their bullets bounced back and shot them.
  • You might notice there are barrels everywhere. What you won’t immediately notice is that these barrels are explosive. You can use them as bombs by firing at them from long distances. Don’t punch them! That’s another noob mistake.
  • The last noob mistake is not checking your surroundings for loot, which might include armor and better weapons. They could be hiding in the bushes or rocks, so punch around to see what you can find.

Make Them Remember You!

One of the perks to playing is making an impression on the other players. Usually, the impression you want to make is one of brutality. You want them to remember you as the person that decimated their whole world every single time they respawned. Which means you need to have an epic username.

Whenever you kill someone, your name pops up on their screen as the one that eliminated them. Make that name unique. Not offensive, but unique. Something that makes your opponents remember who you are and how you brought their gaming world down in under a minute.

Fun fact: One of the most overused, but still funny, usernames in is Yo Mama. Ergo, whenever someone gets killed, this message pops up on their screen: “You have been eliminated by Yo Mama.” Haha—funny, yes, but definitely been there, done that. Strive to make your username just as memorable, but far more unique.

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