The Top Five Best Xbox 360 Gambling Games

A few titles that are definitely worth checking out.

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Have you been looking for the best Xbox 360 gambling games without any success? If so, count yourself lucky because we have rounded up the coolest casino hits that you can indulge in once you fire up your console. In truth, there’s no denying that the usual arcade options like fishing slot games play online are indulging as well on your computer or mobile device. However, if you have Xbox 360 in your apartment, you can switch things up a bit by taking on action-packed titles that come with casino themes.

In today’s post, we will take you through five of the best gambling games you can play with your Xbox 360. Our team of gaming enthusiasts handpicked the cream of the crop and so, brace yourself for an interesting read. Sit tight and let the information about the games draw you into a gaming experience like never before.

1. Full House Poker

First released in the year 2011, Full House Poker has been a favorite for punters for over half a decade now. All you have to do is use the Microsoft Xbox game store to download the game on your Xbox 360, and you are good to go. One of the things that make this game exceptionally immersive is the cutting-edge graphical interface used to portray the characters and the game environment itself. Once you hit the play button, you instantly drift into a full-on poker mode ready to place some stakes.

Thanks to an intuitive interface of the game controls, getting started is quite easy. After you get the hang of things, you get a chance to play at the poker tables with your avatar, just like in an actual 3D online casino. What makes your gaming sessions more realistic is the fact that you can also play different poker variants the same way you do at an actual gaming den. What’s more, you can as well take part in sit and go tournaments and switch from one table to another.

Full House Poker will also allow you to compete with your friends or just any other players playing in the game by connecting to the virtual online world. There are always tournaments available, and if you are skilled enough, you will earn bragging rights as your name is displayed at the top of the leaderboard. Again, similar to a regular internet casino, there is also a level-based achievement system where each achievement is recognized, and prizes such as a new card design or a new table color are awarded to gamers. The only thing that is perhaps missing here is a real-money playing option.

2. Casino Nights

Casino Nights was released back in 2010 by the GZ storm games for the Xbox 360. Since then, it has also been a hit for avid gamblers because it reminds them of the thrill that comes with playing casino games. It consists of popular games such as the slots, roulette, keno games, video poker, blackjack and poker variants such as Red Dog.

The interface is pretty simple, and once you are ready to play, you are just supposed to pick the game that you want to enjoy from the main menu. As you play any of the available games, there are plenty of chances to win prizes, claim some trophies. Additionally, some of the rewards that you will receive in the game will become useful as in-game power-ups to help you progress further. Since Casino Nights has been available for quite some time, there are lots of guides online that you can read to sharpen your gameplay to progress faster as you collect more rewards.

3. Poker Night 2

After the first installment of this game (Poker Night 1) hit the stores, it became so popular that the developers had to follow up with an upgraded version. The Poker Night 2 game has a level-based progress system that relies on the experience that you gain as you play. You will earn points with every level you complete and through these points, you will have a chance to open up new coins, table designs, and even cards.

Among the many outstanding features of this hit is that you are given a unique opportunity to play against famous heroes from some reputable franchises in the film and entertainment industry. How awesome does it feel to enjoy a poker tournament against the Borderlands, Evil Dead, the Walking Dead heroes and Monkey Island? You have to try it to find out! And better yet, the characters you meet here will chat you up as you try to beat them at the tables. What are you waiting for?

4. World Championship Poker

This hit capitalized on the popularity of the World Series of Poker, and it became a favorite for many poker fans right after release. Initially, the World Championship Poker was designed for the PlayStation, but due to its popularity, a version compatible with the Xbox 360 was released. But then again, you should know that the Xbox version comes with the name World Poker Champion.

Here, you get to play with the games’ artificial intelligence and see if you are smart enough to triumph over the computer. World Championship Poker doesn’t have a multiplayer feature, but that shouldn’t discourage you from trying it out. When it comes to gambling games for the console, it is still one of the best options you can enjoy. With the first-person player mode, it becomes easier for you to fully immerse yourself in the session. You’ll be interested to know that there’s a Wii version which allows you to distribute the cards evenly and realistically with the use of a Wii remote.

5. Test Drive Unlimited 2: Casino Online

Are you a huge fan of racing and driving games? Have the fun you have been yearning for when playing against other players in slot machines, poker, and roulette with Test Drive Unlimited 2: Casino Online. This revolutionary hit was designed and developed by Atari, and it comes with a feature that puts you into the first lane right away.

Even though it’s mostly about cars, this interesting title is built around Vegas style environment where the players are given an opportunity to unlock some fancy cars such as the Aileron Spyder, Audi R8, Lamborghinis, Ferraris and a host of other dream sports cars. To get these extravagant supercars, you will have to play and win the races at the casino. Up to thirty-two players are allowed to compete at a go, and it has ten mind-blowing levels which you have to get through to finish the entire game.

Parting Shot

At the moment, not many casino-oriented games are produced by game developers for gaming with the use of consoles. Nonetheless, it is quite encouraging to see that Xbox 360 owners who are into gambling games are catered for as well. From the look of things, we expect many more titles focused on gambling to increase the range available for those who like the thrill that comes with betting. Meanwhile, try out the above titles, and you will find it quite refreshing to change how you enjoy your gambling activities.

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