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How Casino Software Developers Are Keeping Up With New Gambling Trends

When Microgaming launched the first ever online casino in 1994, few would have predicted the industry would go on to become a multi-billion industry.  Microgaming probably didn’t anticipate the huge competition it faces today with companies like Fantan online casino.

But amidst the industry’s growth and stiff competition, the best casino software developers rely on technological trends to steer the industry forward. Below we’ve compiled some of the top ways developers have been trying to integrate casino games with new trends in the world.

Mobile Gaming

Ever since smartphones became the best-selling gadgets back in 2010, software developers have been in a race to create mobile-friendly games. As usual, casino software providers began with slots mobile games. However, the games didn’t gain much popularity since most online casinos were reluctant to build mobile-friendly casinos back then.

With time, online casinos were launched for iOS and Android devices. Mobile gaming gained massive popularity around the world. Unfortunately, both Google and Apple reversed a decision to allow gaming apps in 2013.

Software developers didn’t lose hope though. Since they had already developed mobile friendly games, their next logical step was to find alternative mobile gaming platforms. By 2015, most casino games were available on web browsers.

Live Casino Games

Statista reports that 454 million video game fans will watch view video game streams in 2019. The US has the largest market audience, followed by Europe and South East Asia. With such a huge market casino game developers have been exploring ways to make more games be playable live.

So far, table games make up the biggest percentage of live games. From blackjack to Baccarat, scraps to video poker, you can play almost all table games live. Besides table games, developers have been experimenting with live slots.

Live slots come in two types. There are games you can team up with friends and compete for the same rewards. And then there are tournaments where you play against strangers for a prize. Either way, you can now play slots live against other humans.

Still, on live games, software providers are constantly changing how live-dealers look. Gaming rooms now look better, often resembling Vegas casinos. The best Internet casino software developers also give out special bonuses to live players – check them our here Developers, for example, can offer bonuses up to €200 on select online casinos.

Virtual Reality

For a long period of time, only a few gambling sites have been able to integrate VR. Now, this technology may soon become a reality for most casino gamers. As VR becomes feasible on average computers and mobile devices, you could soon play Gonzo’s Quest on your iPhone.

If you are new to VR, the technology immerses you into the gaming world. Imagine playing online blackjack as if the tables and fellow players were seated next to you. Any players would dream of such an experience.

Knowing how well the technology would improve retention rates, casino software developers won’t rest until VR is available in all online casinos. Surprisingly, VR would probably be available everywhere were it not for the limitations imposed by hardware devices. While providers are able to build VR games, VR computers and glasses are often too expensive to purchase.

Casino Gamification

Gamification is all the rage in online businesses these days. But it’s also gaining popularity in casino games. In simple terms, the idea is to put video game mechanics in web applications. On regular websites, e-commerce stores can gamify shopping to turn it into a competition. The more you shop, the more you unlock gifts and related rewards.  

In online casino games, providers are using more video game tools. Storylines, for example, are a common part of modern slots. In Gonzo’s Quest game, you adventure the jungle with the adventurer as he searches for gold. Crushing rocks help him find new gold but in the process, you match scatter symbols that help you win real money.

Unsurprisingly, slots are also experimenting with skill-based features. At a time when millennials choose skill-based video games over casino games, providers must act quickly to inspire a new generation of players. Many slot players have been enjoying the games for decades and they aren’t getting younger anyway.

Increased Transparency and Meeting Regulations

Compared to 10 years ago, online casinos are more transparent. Gone are the days when no one knew where a casino was based. Days, when gambling platforms didn’t provide their licensing numbers, are also over. If a casino wants to stay relevant in 2019, it must be transparent and licensed.

More than ever before, gambling sites are working with governments and regulatory bodies to keep the gambling industry a safe space. Hardly any casino doesn’t do verification these days. It may be frustrating for players, but casinos verify players to comply with KYC rules.

Others rules online casinos are racing to meet include helping pathological players close their accounts for good. 888 casino learned this the hard way in 2017 after it was fined a record €7.8 million for allowing problem gamblers access their accounts after they had requested they be closed.

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Influence

Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin inspired a new generation of online casinos around 2013. Multiple gambling sites that only accepted bitcoin took the world by storm. By 2015, providers had already begun exploring the blockchain and how it could be used to make casino games safer.

Bitcoin casinos still exist to date although many of them also accept traditional payment methods. On the other hand, software providers are developing blockchain games. A few of them are available to play and more are expected to be released this year.

If you are a huge cryptocurrency fan, make sure you check crypto bonuses. With offers up to 5 bitcoins when you make a deposit, you could get access to an unlimited amount of free casino bets.

To Conclude

One of the biggest reasons why the online casino industry continues to grow is because it keeps up with trends. When people became obsessed with pop culture, developers started creating Hollywood-themed games.

When mobile gaming became a thing, developers responded. These days, you can play casino games in any computer device. If you can afford VR devices and computers, you can play VR games. More technology trends are expected this year. And predictably, developers will bring them into the casino industry.

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